Our Services

We are a Carrier and a Broker Company Specialized in Finding Freight for Carriers

Our services are designed to implement and satisfy the needs of our customers. We will provide the best service for your expedited, local, and express shipping needs.

We are here to solve your problem and deliver your needs.

Being in business for over 40 years, Excel Dispatch has been the country’s leading and trusted transportation company. We transport items and cater to your specific business needs. Our services have been expanding quickly throughout the years.

When working with our company, we guarantee you success. We deliver a wide range of commodities, delivering them in a safe and timely manner.


Our transportation professionals at Excel Dispatch will help you create an ideal logistics solution to help you get the best results. Our team will perform an analysis of your traffic lane design and will implement new strategies to solve specific problems. This may lead to negotiating new rates for your shipping and traffic lanes.


Excel Dispatch will always provide new opportunities. Our freight brokerage service will keep your trucks constantly loaded and active. We focus on maximizing equipment as well as our drivers’ experience. As an experienced freight broker, we are able to provide the best profitable lanes at great rates.


For decades, Excel Dispatch has been a fast growing transportation trucking company. We deal with express, local, and expedited deliveries. We are there when you need your goods delivered in the quickest way possible! Give us a call.